About TakeTen2

It all starts with a story. And that’s what we are looking for.

With a goal to put the spotlight on aspiring storytellers, this year TakeTen2 offers 5 handpicked creators the opportunity to create a fully funded web series pilot episode, with a chance of featuring on Netflix India’s YouTube channel. The programme includes workshops by industry experts for the five finalists, as well as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch their series pilot to Netflix India.

An initiative between Netflix’s Fund for Creative Equity and Film Companion, TakeTen is looking for stories rooted in India with no restriction on experience, region or language. This one of a kind programme aims to benefit under-represented communities, regions and languages.

About Netflix's Fund for Creative Equity

Building a legacy of inclusion: Netflix’s Fund for Creative Equity.

Inclusion behind the camera leads to inclusion in front of the camera. This is why we want to ensure that we’re supporting people in the industry who are from underrepresented communities. Building a legacy of inclusion means making sure that you see yourself on screen and behind the camera, that your voice is heard and that your stories are told. That’s why, in 2021, Netflix announced a new Netflix Fund for Creative Equity, which will invest $100 million a year over five years in programmes all around the world to build more inclusive pipelines behind the camera. This is being done through a combination of external organisations with a strong track record of setting underrepresented communities up for success in the television and film industries.

TakeTen is being funded by Netflix’s Fund For Creative Equity with the objective of telling stories from around India that truly represent the diverse communities of India and the filmmakers from them. This programme aims to set aspiring filmmakers on a path to success by giving them access to some of the industry’s best so that they can learn, be inspired and inspire in return.
Read here about the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity 2023 update report.

About Film Companion 

The term Film Companion comes from a line by the American philosopher Stanley Cavell who said: The writing about film that has meant most to me has the power of a missing companion. We aim to be the missing companion for people who like good content as well as those who create it. Partnering on TakeTen S2, funded by Netflix’s Fund For Creative Equity, is an important step in that direction.  Film Companion is a platform for entertainment journalism. We don’t do gossip, paid reviews and celeb lifestyle journalism. Our main focus is film – Bollywood, Hollywood, world cinema, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Marathi. We do reviews, interviews, features and recommendations around cinema. We love mainstream, we love arty, and everything in between. We are also screen agnostic – people might consume the content in a darkened hall or on their smartphones. So if you need a review of the latest show on streaming or the latest Tamil film or an interview with Ranveer Singh, you come to us.

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